Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Times I Feel....

...like this butterfly.  Trying to balance on a petal!  My life is a balance act these days. Between my children and my parents. I know what they mean about the sandwich generation.  I seem to be always running parents to doctor's appointments and cleaning, weeding and whatever else they need.  Then there's the kids. Waiting for repairmen for my daughter. Helping my son get things together for the house he's buying...running paperwork here and there, meeting contractors & inspectors, shopping for appliances and whatever else he needs (which is pretty much everything!)

But just like this little butterfly, I'm hanging on.  I love my family as much as this butterfly loves her flower and I'd do anything for them.

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Liz Revit said...

The butterfly is lovely!

Marlene said...

Joann, I know how you feel. The butterfly is lovely, just like you.

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