Saturday, May 8, 2010

Olive Oil, My New Best Friend

I've always from time to time used a tiny amount of olive oil in my hair when I wash it. It's an Italian thing. A dime sized dot goes into in my palm, and  I rub my palms together to warm and distribute it in my hands and then run it through my hair especially close to the ends. My hair is so dry & it really helps condition it.

So the other day as I'm putting the olive oil in my hair, I'm looking at my over 50 face and thinking, even using the emu cream (which in the past has worked wonders on me) above my eye looks droopy and saggy. And I think to myself, well if it does such a great job with the hair, what about the face. So I take another tiny dot and do the same thing on my face. I did it 2 days and I'm telling you it firmed up the upper lid eye area! My tired eyes don't look tired anymore.

Then I think, well maybe I should google it since I don't want to clog my pores and end up with teenage acne or something.  And what do you know, I find out that olive oil has been used on the skin since the times of the Egyptians...who knew?

After that I spent time working it into the laugh lines and lines around my lips and down my neck and you know what? It really does look better.

So girls go get your extra virgin olive oil out of your pantry and give it a's so much cheaper than face and wrinkle creams!


Marlene said...

Thanks for the tip Joann, My sister has been trying to get me to try coconut oil and organic oregano oil for skin and hair, and the oregano oil is suppose to help with pain.

Paper Moon Delights said...

Thanks for the great advice I will surely try it!!! :)

brendathour said...

Wow, are you kidding me? What a tremendous tip. Do you use the olive oil after your hair is washed, when it's still wet and leave it on?
I've got to try this for sure!!!!
Thanks for sharing.
By the way, I love the colors and look of yur blog. It is so pretty!

Joann said...

Brenda, yes I put a very small dime sized dot in my hand and rub it around and then while my hair is wet I work it in (my hair is shoulder length) and I leave it there. I have dry hair. It keeps down the frizz. Thanks. I got the design free on

brendathour said...

Thanks Joann. I'm going to wash my hair and want to try it...hope I have olive oil, I think I do.

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