Sunday, April 11, 2010

Outsmarting the Kitties

All of you "Cat People" can probably relate to my story.  I have 2 cats..LeeLu and Lily. I spend more money at the pet store buying things I just KNOW the girls will like.  My husband  says, "You waste your money. They won't like that." I always want to prove him wrong.

My problem is I watch all those infomercials that make it look like your cat will love whatever the item is.This time I was sure that it would be different. So I go to the pet store and buy a self grooming cat brush (you know the one in an arch) and an emery scratching board (the one where the TV cat stretches and scratches and looks so happy).

I buy them, set them up-- No Interest.  I soak them in catnip--No interest.  OH, I thought, I can outsmart those girls.  I pull out the laser pointer. They love to chase it around. I point it under the arch of the self grooming brush thinking they'd go under it brush themselves and see how good it feels..nope. They just ran around it.  I gave up.  Then I decide well maybe they need a demonstration of how to use the scratching board so I kneel down and demonstrate scratching the board. I know I looked silly.  They watched and looked very interested. Then Lily decided it was more fun to put her paw under the board, playing with a toy she swatted under there. And LeeLu just walked away.

I give up...instead of outsmarting the kitties I think they have outsmarted me.

~~~The above ACEO Original Watercolor is available in my Etsy shop-Painted Panache by Joann Y Wheeler.


Liz Revit said...

Love your cat aceo! Great post too.

Marlene said...

Great picture Joann. I love the story also, so typical of pets. Daisy has so many toys but she only plays with a few and the ones she likes are in shreds.

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