Thursday, January 29, 2015

Something New

Recently I bought a magazine while at the craft store. It had tutorials in it. Most of them were dolls. One of them was an art doll called stick in the mud. I decided I'd give it a go.

My stick in the muds are a little different from the designer. I didn't use a branch from outside for fear of insects, etc.  I bought a dowel. And rather than hobbies I decided mine would be careers. Each one  has a hand molded face and bodies wrapped in fabric. Their arms are wire and  they hold charms that relate to their career. The dolls  have the definition of their career decoupaged to them.
Around the bottom brown fabric is wrapped and around that is brass wire with a shell bead that I've written MUD on.

Here is the first one. Meet  Willow. She is a "Natural Scientist: a person who is trained or works in the field of natural science.  She holds a tree (because she's a Forester), acorn and a green gem (because you know she's also green).  Her hair is a bun in the back.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to Paris. He is a travel agent.

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