Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yummy Apple Chips!

So my grandson's doctor said he was overweight and he should stay away from fattening food and sugar and be more  active.  We have a Family Game Night once a month at my house and both my kids and their families come. Tonight is one of those nights. My grandson remarked last night that he looks forward to the game night because of all the snack food I have.

I told him I'd have health things for him to eat and he said he would really miss the chips and dip. So it got me thinking. I had bought 2 microwave chip makers some time ago but hadn't really used them so I decided to make some apple chips. Of course, I forgot how to do it so I found a video online to refresh my memory.

First I used my pampered chef slicer. to slice up some thin slices. I set it to number 1.

Then I put them on paper towels and pressed out the extra moisture.

Next I microwaved them for 8 minutes and 15 seconds (sometimes a little longer if they were thicker slices.

They turned out pretty good and tasty I might add.

I only had one disaster.

 Now to get some low fat greek yogurt for dip!

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