Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Ghostly Image

Most of you know that I've been involved in restoring St. Vincent Cemetery in Baltimore, an abandoned cemetery. I've been up to my eyeballs in researching those buried there and cataloging tombstones. Other people have been photographing the stones as well but it's so hard to just transcribe the stones from photos so I like to go there to do it.

I haven't been able to get there for a while. It's been so cold. Recently someone uploaded some photos from our clean up day.  I was particularly interested in the stones because I wanted to see if she got some stones I hadn't photographed. As I scrolled through her photos I was astonished to see that one of the photos had the image of a person on it. However, if you click on it and drag it to a larger size you cannot see the image. 

I cannot read the name of the woman who's stone it is...but is says: ...beloved wife of Patrick Horan and she died in as you look at this photo of Mrs. Horan, remember her and say a prayer for her.

We beseech Thee, O Lord,
in Thy mercy,
to have pity on the soul of Thy handmaid;
do Thou, Who hast freed her
from the perils of this mortal life,
restore to her the portion of everlasting salvation.
Through Christ our Lord,

(Prayer from


Marlene said...

Hi Joann, well if I really stretch my imagination I can see the image.

DEB said...

I don't see her, but I do wish her soul well. Merry Christmas Joann!!

readingsully2 said...

Very interesting shadow play on this stone. What I see is the skull of an animal like a cow or something. Also very small and to the right I see the small form of a woman and it is still visible in the larger photo. However is is kind of like reading the clouds...I feel it is the shadows of tree branches and a couple of holes in the stone that create this allusion. Fun, though. Merry Christmas.

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