Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Painting is Like Eatting A Box of Chocolate

Lately I've been painting porcelain like a crazy person. For me, it's like eating chocolate. You can't eat one piece you end up eatting the whole box (well atleast I do). So I have been painting one thing after another. I've painted so much I've had a hard time getting it all up on my website.

I bought some lusters and I have been trying somethings with that...more to come on that later. Another topic for another blog.
This photo is one of a footed dresser box that I have on Etsy. It's one of my favorite new pieces. It's painted with the image of a beautiful woman, surrounded in a green background & by 24 kt. hand applied gold details. The bottom of the box is tamped with the same green color. It's 4 inches round...wonderful box for earrings, rings or whatever little things you have on your dresser.

Click here for the link to this piece of porcelain.

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Marlene said...

She is beautiful Joann

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