Sunday, May 10, 2009

Motherhood: What it means to me.

Happy Mother's Day. Reflecting on what it means to be a mother, it brought to mind this tea trivet I painted. Forget me nots........I hope my children never forget me as I can never forget them. This dedicated to them.

Being a Mom to me means:

*Love: Love that is unconditional, unbounding and everlasting from the instant you are aware of that wonderful little life inside you until the end of your life and beyond the grave.

*Concern: Concern for your children's well being from the moment of conception.  Concern that sometimes means putting your child before you own needs. Which brings me to:

*Sacrifice: Sacrifice of your time and resources and sometimes even sacrificing little of yourself for the betterment of your children.

*Happiness: Happiness brought about from little things like a finger painting, a fresh picked dandelion, a homemade card, a phone call or a long tight hug. Some of my best presents were just a post it note with "I'm sorry Mom, I love you."

*Understanding: Understanding that the little life inside you will change your life. Understanding that the little baby before you will very soon be  young woman or man. Understanding that your child is an individual who isn't necessary a clone of you who deserves respect. Understanding that you need to let go sometimes, let them make their mistakes and Give God and not be judgemental. (a struggle for me sometimes).

*Courage: Courage to say no even when it means you may not be their favorite person. Courage to be their mother and not their friend.

*Teaching: Teaching them to be kind, considerate, generous, loving, to respect others, to be color blind to the human race, about God, to love God with all their being, Christian values & to stand up for what they believe in.

You know all Mom's love their children, but not all Mom's LIKE their children. I am very lucky. I LIKE my children.  I am so lucky to have them. They have grown up to be wonderful adults. Life has not always been bed of roses with them but then again if you want the roses, you have to take the thorns huh?



Forget Me Not Tea Trivet available in my Etsy's the link






Marlene said...

Thanks for sharing Joann, Lovely sentiments on this special day.

readingsully2 said...

Joann, You have put into words a Mother's Love with such feeling that it was like poetry to my ears. This hits the nail on the head about how we as Moms feel about our children. And the last part was the best and so so true. I too like my daughter...and I feel so happy to have her in my life.

I have a friend who unfortunately has a very bad relationship with her only child. It makes my heart sick for her because I can see the hurt she is suffering because of her child.

Thank God that 99 percent of us Mothers are gifted with love from our children as well. What could better than that?

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