Sunday, December 21, 2008

Babycakes..... that gets your imagination going doesn't it. Well check out this blog: It's run by Sandra. She hosts a ACEO Art Card swap. I participated this year. It was lots of fun.

My swap card is featured on her blog. I received a wonderful one from Dolores who also participated. It's pictured here. I love the 3 diamentional cards......don't you.

So today on Ebay I sold my poinsettia card. I'm excited but also not, I loved that card. Well I will just have to paint another for me, huh? Here it is in all of it's glory. I hope the buyer loves it as much as me! Sometime if you are on Ebay, search for seller ID HeyLucy1...that's me!


DEB said...

I will check out Sandra's blog! You could make a 3D poinsetta next time Joann!!

Sandra said...

Hi JoAnn....
Thanks for the article...and the link.
Wow your swap was very nice, Dolores sent you... And a sale...keep your name out there as much a possible. Links, stories, posting...folks will come. It does bring sales.
I had 3 sales on my mini sitethis week. Not cards but still were sales.
Thanks again to have you join again. Anytime!
Hugs Sandra

Liz Revit said...

Hi. I love your ACEO that's posted on Sandra's blog. Love the poinsettia, too!

Merry Christmas!


Dolores said...

Your poinsetta ACEO is awesome, I can see why it sold so quickly. A 3 D one would be awesome as well.
Thanks for putting my ATC to you on your blog.

Chris Casey said...

Hi Mrs. Joann,

I like your artwork!!!

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