Wednesday, November 12, 2008


DEB and her new blog! Please go visit Deb's blog...
She just started her blog. It's full of wonderful art, very whimiscal and uplifting. I love her sense of humor..look for the snowman.........I'm telling you, you've gotta see it! Go look but if you don't have time now. Just check out this piece of art...and also later visit her EBAY ABOUT ME PAGE-CLICK HERE

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DEB said...

Wow! Thanks Joann! I'm so honored! This is a really cool idea too...I think I'll make a habit of featuring folks on my blog too. The more I look around at everyones' the more bling I discover and the more ideas there are out there for having fun and promoting each other. Thanks very much! DEB a.k.a. Artshtick

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