Sunday, October 19, 2008

Meet Another Etsian!

So I'm shopping in Savannah. I come across an ACEO that I wanted to buy but the artist was not in her studio. The artist on the other side said he didn't know her but to come back. So long story short. I went back.

I told her I wanted to buy the ACEO. She seemed surprised I even knew what that was. I told her I bought, sold, and traded them on Ebay and Etsy. She said she too was on Etsy. She asked me the name of my shop and I told her JYWheeler and she said she was Snitterdog. I said, "Hey I think I know you from the forums!". Turns out we were both admirers of each other's funny is that. I invited her to join our Etsy Team Designing Artists Women's Group (DAWG Team) which focuses on ACEO's.

So here's Kerry & the ACEO I purchased. Visit her shop:


DEB said...

That is a fun small world story!

Dolores said...

What a neat story, how fun to find ACEO's in your travels. I too, know Kerry through Etsy. So it is indeed a very small world.

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