Saturday, March 22, 2008

Things I'm working on.....

....but not yet listed in my shop. After I return from vacation I'll put them up.
I'm doing a series of margarita glasses with the recipes on the foot of the glasses. They are painted with Folk Art Enamels and have been baked in the oven so they are semi-permanent.
That means you have to hand wash them! Do not put them in the dishwasher!
Anyway I haven't decided on a price. Most painted glasses like this range from $18-21 per glass. I personally think that is an exhorbatant price so my glasses will likely be $15.
So I spoke about a vacation. I will be abroad (I just love that word--never been abroad before) from March 24-31. My shop will be on hold during that time.
My daughter and I are going on a church pilgrimmage with 40 people (3 priests, one deacon and the rest lay people) to Rome and Assisi. I may have access to a computer so I may be blogging but likely not on this blog.
If you want to read about my travels visit my travel blog:

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