Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Wednesday Highlight - Porcelain

My Daughter Jackie say's I should feature a piece of porcelain so here goes. Today it's china painting. This is a porcelain trivet painted the traditional china painting method. Each piece of porcelain is fired multiple times as the colors are intensified with each painting. This trivet can be used for a hot plate or as a decorative piece, hung on the wall. It is $14.99 and available for sale in my Etsy shop:

I've been Tagged???? Not sure what this means:
Cora says I must tell 5 things about myself that most people (at least my online friends) wouldn't know. Then I am to tag 5 more people! This is hard, as I've done it before, but I'll do my best to come up with another 5 things.

Here goes:
1. I am going to Italy the day after Easter on a church pilgrimmage.
2. I learned to ice skate on my brother's ice hockey skates--with no stops and I'd fall to stop.
3. My mother ran over my dog with the car when I was little.
4. I learned to swim by being tossed off a pier with the words, "Swim or drown". I swam.
5. I burn jello

I tag: Suzie , Jackie ,

Kay Butler , Angela , Tammy


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

YOu did great! Exactly what you are supposed to do. It's ok if you don't know 5. I think I only did 4. As you go to different poeple's blogs and get to know them, click on their links, read the comments, etc., you will soon know more. And more and more people from the etsy group are starting blogs, too! LOVE your blog. You are doing wonderful with it!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hi Joann
I am so tickled; I will add you to my blog. I so wish I could paint as you do; marvelous. Hope it sends some good clicks your way!!!!!!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Joann, I made my way over here from Cora's blog. My last name is Wheeler too. :) Your painting is gorgeous and such a gift. ~ Lynn

CoffeyHouse Collection said...

I just wanted to know I added you to my blog...thanks for adding me!


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