Sunday, October 27, 2013

Winter's Coming...Fall is Here!

Well it's Fall. It feels like it here. For a long while it was an extended summer which was okay by me but it didn't make me want to get my butt in gear for the craft shows and events.  I did manage to come through as I generally do.

There will be new porcelain and lots of new decorative painted items. Like this cute little nutcracker snowman ornament.  I've also made more jewelry, cards and painted 6 canvas Christmas stockings to just name a few things.

My crafty friends have worked hard on having an incredible variety for this season. I'm excited to go just as a shopper! I plan to starting my Christmas shopping there.

So drop by for the craft show this coming weekend. Here's the flyer!

I would love to see you there.....oh and my Etsy team is hosting their Winter's Coming Celebration.  If you are in love with Prim or Cottage, you really need to check out my team.

It's called Old Farmhouse Gathering Team. Search everyday for OFG Team on Etsy. But if you want to see some awesome crafts just for the winter season, search on Monday for WCCOFG on Etsy.  I had the pleasure of checking out the new items when I uploaded my photos. There are some beautiful pieces on there and I plan to do some Christmas shopping here too!

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