Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prayer...On Schedule?

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Father Carl always tells us we need to be more disciplined in our prayer. He says we should pray every morning and every night. I can do the morning thing. Every day before my feet hit the floor  "Thank you  God for another day of life and my blessings."

At night I'm not so disciplined. Sometimes I remember sometimes not. I feel bad about that but I think I make up for it during the day.  How much prayer is enough or is there never enough.  St. Paul  does say  pray unceasingly.  But he doesn't say we should be on a schedule.

Sometimes I think I do pray unceasingly. My day is one giant prayer. An ambulance goes by "Dear God please let that person be okay". A fire engine goes by "Please Lord let the firemen contain the fire and spare the people involved." On seeing a wild bunny in the yard, "Lord thank you for the animals." When the news says someone died, "God please forgive their sins and give them eternal life...give their family & friends strength". When my kids travel, "Thank you God that they made it safely." I hear someone needs surgery, "Lord get them through it okay and guide the hands of their surgeon."   When it's a nice day, "Thank you God for this beautiful day...thank you that I am able to be retired and enjoy it."  I could go on and on.

 It seems my day is always full of prayer.  But I'm not doing the night time thing. I end up going up to bed to watch a little TV and bingo, I'm out like a light.  I have to work on this evening prayer thing!

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