Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Reflections

Boy when I think about Thanksgiving I have a ton of things for which to be thankful. But today I reflect on my wonderful family & friends.

I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband of 33 years. My parents both in their 80's have been through quite a few health events but are still with me. My children..I have always said all mothers love their children but not all mothers like their children. I like mine (well at least most of the time LOL). Then there's that adorable little grandson, Mason. He is so cute.

In fact the other day I said, "Mason why are you so cute." And he said "Because" and I said "Because why?" And he said, "Because you love me." Then there's my brother, Joe. He's always there if I need him or if my parents need him. He just did a beautiful set of brick steps with the first step being a half circle...gorgeous. And crazy as it seems, I have online family...cousins who I haven't been in touch with for years who I've found online. Even though I don't see them, they are still a wonderful support to me.

I have so many friends online and in the flesh. The whole online thing never ceases to amaze me. For example, I had known an artist online for years on Ebay and not long ago we met for lunch in Baltimore. It is such a blessing to have so many people in my virtual life that sometimes carry over into my real life. Those people have always been a wonderful support for me too.

Anyway, if you are reading this, thank you. That means you are in some way connected to me, either in the flesh or virtually. Thank you for all the times you've given me encouraging words, for all the times you've made m laugh, for all the times you've prayed for me and my family. And thank you for us being you. God bless you this Thanksgiving and always.

I leave you with the following prayer from one of the Saints for this Thanksgiving:

St. John Chrysostom Prayer Of Thanksgiving

What praise, of what hymn, or what thanksgiving, or what recompense shall we offer unto Thee, the Only God, Who lovest mankind?

For when we were condemned to destruction and immersed in our sins, Thou didst bestow freedom upon us, and hast given us the immortal and heavenly nourishment of the Body and Blood of Thy Christ.

Therefore we pray Thee: Deliver us from judgment, together with Thy servants who minister unto Thee.

Keep us and them in honor and holy living; and those who pray with us, and who have been partakers of Thy Mystical Table, preserve free of condemnation unto their last breath.

May it be unto them a sanctification of soul and body, unto the keeping of Thy Commandments; and thus may we be granted tp attain Thy Heavenly Kingdom, together with all who have been well-pleasing unto Thee from all ages:

Through the prayers and intercessions of our holy, all-pure, most blessed and glorious Lady, the Birth giver of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, of Saint N. whose memory we keep, and of all Thy Saints, now and ever, and unto ages of ages.



readingsully2 said...

Lovely sentiment. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Marlene said...

Thank you - and Happy thanksgiving to you also my virtual friend.
The icon is beautiful BTW

DEB said...

Joann, it was a BLAST meeting you in Baltimore! And I think it is your family and friends who are blessed to know YOU!

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