Friday, January 23, 2009

50 degrees & HAPPY ART!

It's going to be 50 degrees today. I don't do cold very well....I want to get outside today so I thought I should blog early. It makes me think of spring...I can hardly wait for spring.......

I was twittering around over the past day or so trying to find my way around there and I found a most interesting person. She's a graphics artist/illustrator from Mexico and has the most adorable work in her etsy shop. Here is one of the pieces of her work...painted silk. How lovely.

I was curious about her because she had half her twittering in english and half in got my attention. So I'm glad I found her etsy shop and I know you will enjoy it to...her work is whimsical and happy and fits in with my spring mentality today. So go visit my new friend's the link to her shop

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